Why Us ?

 Because we have the best tortas in town…

and there is more to Mexican food than rice and beans. For those who have craved way too many times the taste of an authentic Mexican torta, the wait is finally over!/ wait no more!  

Humberto Hernández, a Jalisco, Mex. native (aka tortas wonderland) also pondered about where to find the best Mexican tortas in town, and eventually got tired of looking, so he decided to make them himself for everyone to enjoy and opened Deli Delicias and Fresh in 2016. 

Hernández had one simple and clear vision in mind; make you reminisce your roots or that one trip to Mexico where you tried tortas for the first time and understood why one bite will never be enough. 

Quality, flavor, and freshness define us. We hand-pick the freshest local ingredients to create the most authentic Mexican “tortas” and “aguas frescas".

We are committed to provide every customer who dares to try our unique delicacies/menu items the full-on exceptional Deli Delicias and Fresh experience. Come and taste it yourself!